How to program the social media NFC cards on iPhone?

If you are a new user in the NFC field, this instruction will be helpful for your programming of social media links or business websites to your NFC Cards, NFC tags and NFC stickers.

  1. Make sure your iPhone has the NFC function. For versions including or above iPhone XS, the NFC function is always on. But there is an on/off setting in Android smartphones. The NFC module is normally located on the back of the iPhone, my iPhone 11 is on the top edge for your reference.
  2. Make sure your social media cards are in NDEF format, the popular chips are NTAG213, NTAG215, NTAG216, etc.
  3. The followings are the steps in the NFC program:
    • Download the app of NXP TagWriter or NFC Tools
    • Read the NFC card to make sure it’s working for the first time.
    • Click the write to get programming options, such as link, wifi, text, etc.
    • Click the link to add your URL.
    • Tap on your NFC card to write.
    • Tap the NFC card to verify the program.
  1. How to program the social media NFC tags are the same steps on Android smartphones.

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