Custom Print Waterproof NFC Paper Sticker

  • NDEF format, supporting IOS and Android
  • Self-adhesive, Waterproof
  • Free samples are available upon request
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Product nameCustom Print Waterproof NFC Paper Sticker
RFID/NFC Parameters
Frequency13.56 Mhz
ProtocolISO 14443A, NFC Forum Type 2
NFC ChipNXP NTAG213 / NTAG215 / NTAG216 / / MIFARE 1K / Fudan F08  etc.
Memory144 Byte / 504 Byte / 888 Byte / 1K Byte
Read range1-10cm
Write Endurance100,000 times
EncodingURL, serial No., words, contact info. etc.
Data Retention50 years
Physical Parameters
MaterialWaterproof PVC, PET or others
GlueStandard glue or 3M glue
SizeRound 18mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm etc.
Custom printFull color, logo, texts, barcode, QR code, serial numbers, UID number, etc.
Packing details1000pcs/roll, 2000pcs/roll, 2500pcs/roll or customized
ApplicationMobile payment, NFC poster, Marketing and Advertisements, Social Media, Business info share,
Digital packing, Anti-counterfeiting traceability, Product identification,
Access control attendance, digital multimedia device interaction, E-ticketing, Loyalty System

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