Benefits of RFID temperature monitoring label

With the advancement of RFID passive technology, more and more new products have been developed according to the market’s demand.

This year we developed a new RFID temperature monitoring label, it enables contactless temperature reading, monitoring, and logging for a wide range of cold chains, medical items, fresh food, machines, the environment even the human body.

The flexible temperature sensing RFID labels consists of an antenna, an RFID chip, and a temperature sensor, with an ultra-thin battery inside. It is self-adhesive and can be applied to almost any surface to support informed proactive decision-making.

FM13DT160 ChipIt includes two frequencies of the 13.56mhz NFC and 840-960mhz UHF RFID, we also call it “dual frequency temperature monitoring tag”.

All interfaces can fulfill a single-time temperature measurement or start a temperature logging process and read the temperature data back. The data can be stored in NDEF format and can be read by both Android smartphones and iPhones. The UHF long reading range of 8 meters helps users to make high efficient inventory control.

When we paste the tag on the food packaging, it realizes the record of the production date, variety, name, weight, quantity, etc., and then stores it in the cold storage, meanwhile, record the ambient temperature of the food, and judge in real-time whether to exceed the allowable range during storage and transportation.

It realizes the process of unloading, packaging, storage, and transportation of the entire supply chain, timely and accurate tracking, transparency, and value preservation.

Fudan FM13DT160

Using more RFID temperature monitoring labels in more places will bring a lot more quality data to materials management and quality control in healthcare, agriculture, industrial, manufacturing, and the new Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Our temperature monitoring RFID labels are low-cost, quality guaranteed, and free app provided, welcome to explore this new technology with us.

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